Cloud GeoIP Service

What is GeoIP ?
The GeoIP technology allows the web masters to get valuable information about the location of their visitors. The web site developers use it for delivering of customized content based on the geographical location, targeted advertisements, web logs and statistics, spam prevention, location restricted access and other useful solutions.

What We Offer ?
We offer free GeoIP service to our clients in the cloud, we use Maxmind® premium service to offer such service. Our GeoIP database update weekly. If you are our clients, you can use this service in your web application easily.

How to Implant ?
For both Web Hosting & Remote Protection services we send CP-Country-Code header with all requests which include ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format country code of visitor IP address. To get this code just fetch $_SERVER['HTTP_CP_COUNTRY_CODE'] from request header in your script. This is example PHP code to find how to implant it:


Learn more about our DDoS Protected Anycast DNS

There are two important parts in Web Hosting service, DNS and Hosting Server, today we want to  describe more about our DNS network.

We use DDoS Protected Anycast DNS for name resolving from ClouDNS company. Anycast DNS is a simple concept - you can reach a single destination following many different roads. Instead of having all the traffic go down one route, Anycast DNS utilizes multiple locations that receive queries to the network, but in different geographical locations. The objective here is for the network to find the shortest path for a user to a particular DNS server.

Now that we've explained the basics and given you a core definition of Anycast DNS, allow us to get into the details. These are some of the undeniable advantages you get when you use the Anycast network:

Load Balancing / Speed Boost: ClouDNS utilizes 14 POPs ( points of presence ) on our extensive Anycast Network – available for every domain. This has an immediate positive…

New Network

Finally, we moved to our new developed network. What is included in new network ? let me show you brief:

Our own servers, router and switch
Complete control over it
Our own IP range
Our own ASN: AS206397

Direct 1.8 Tb DDoS protection from Level3, read more here:

Important Updates

After months work on new system and network, it is ready to use now.

Migration News:
First, we are ready to move to our new network, it needs transfer physically, so we expect between 1-4 hours downtime, we try our best to reduce downtime. Migration will start around 00:00 GMT, Feb 27th, we will update you after migration completed.

Now let what happened in Genius Guard:

Operate Under New Company:
Now Genius Guard operate under  company Genius Security Ltd, there is no change in the service we offer, all of same.
Our Web Hosting and Remote Protection Service :
Our Domain Registration Service:

Change in Billing & Design:
We made many changes and update to our billing portal, also launched our new website design.

New Network:
Our network developed and optimized for your website, using super fast servers, 10G uplink port and DDoS protection from Level3.

Free Offer:
Now we offer Free SSL with Strong Guard & higher plans.

Good News

Some good news in the way for new year.

1 Month Arbor Network Test

In last month we developed our Arbor Network based DDoS mitigation. We worked hard to tuning and  test new mitigation system against many type of attacks and the result was fantastic, it was able to handle our test attacks in size of 70Gbps and many other type of attacks like TCP-SYN and TCP-ACK for long time. The attack detection time was around 30-80 seconds which is good. You have control over your network traffic and you can adjust many config during mitigation process for better mitigation. At all it is better than all mitigation systems we tested so far, this is why the Arbor is one of best and leader in DDoS protection industry.

Staminus Network

After many downtimes, packet loss and many problem with current network, the team decided to move all service to Staminus network, a leadership in DDoS Protection industry.

Name Servers are changed and you should update them as below. Old Name Servers disable 1st Apr.