Important Updates

After months work on new system and network, it is ready to use now.

Migration News:
First, we are ready to move to our new network, it needs transfer physically, so we expect between 1-4 hours downtime, we try our best to reduce downtime. Migration will start around 00:00 GMT on Feb 27th, we will update you after migration completed.

Operate Under New Company:

Now Genius Guard operate under company Genius Security Ltd, there is no change in the service we offer, all of same.
Our Web Hosting and Remote Protection Service :
Our Domain Registration Service:

Change in Billing & Design:
We made many changes and update to our billing portal, also launched our new website design.

New Network:
Our network developed and optimized for your website, using super fast servers, 10G uplink port and DDoS protection from Level3®.

Free Offer:
Now we offer Free SSL with Strong Guard & higher plans.

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