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Shared Hosting Ultimate Security by CloudLinux

CloudLinux is one of the commercially supported OS optimized for hosting service suppliers who manage an important level of shared hosting IDs and for data hubs who sell services to SMB customers and enterprise. Using technology that provides increased server stability and top density, CloudLinux provides advanced resource management; amazing security and performance optimization specifically focus to a multi-tenant hosting atmosphere.

Since 2009 over one thousand hosting firms deployed CloudLinux OS, it reached profitability of a more than 11,000 servers globally and this number keep rising every day. CloudLinux has over thirty employees in the Europe and USA, and is headquarter in New Jersey.

CloudLinux Features

Increased Server Efficiency:
By watching and containing resource spikes, CloudLinux get rid of the need to exit server resources idle, offering you with the capability to host lots of account on your WHM server and cPanel.

Advanced Security:
With special CageFS technology, CloudL…

Arbor Network

Arbor Network is a leading provider of DDoS and excellent threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks. Arbors proven management and security solutions help grow and save customer networks, brands and business. Through its privileged, unparalleled relationships with international service providers and international network operators, Arbor offers unequalled insight into and perspective on online security and traffic trends through ATLAS, which permits the sharing of true-time security, routing and traffic information that informs numerous business decisions.

Arbor Network Services and Technology are based on international intelligence feeds from core internet traffic provided by more than two hundred and thirty three service providers globally. It gives its customers with situational awareness and security and network intelligence for protecting against threats being seen today. It can watch and identify any services or applications that are being misused o…