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What Should You Know About DDoS Mitigation?

A lot of companies are dealing with constant hacker attacks. This is why you need the right protection against unlawful persons, and DDoS Mitigation can help you achieve that goal. This is a process designed to protect a network or a certain server against a DDoS attack. What this system does is it uses the power of network equipment or in some cases a cloud-based protection service to mitigate the incoming threat.

How can you mitigate a DDoS attack? There are 4 stages of DDoS Mitigation that you need to know about. First, you have the Detection phase, where you need to understand the attack from regular, yet huge amounts of traffic. It can be hard to distinguish the two, but there are some things you have to consider if that happens, more specifically common attack patterns, previous data, and IP reputation. Plus, if all traffic or most of it comes from a single IP, that can also make it easier to narrow things down.
Then you have the Response. In this case, the DDoS protection networ…

How Can You Increase the Website Security?

With so many hackers attacking websites nowadays, it’s always important to integrate the latest Website Security options on your own site. After all, you never know when disaster can or will strike. You need to be prepared, and the best way to prepare yourself for something like this is to integrate some better Website Security options.

Keep all software updated One of the crucial aspects of keeping your website safe is that you always need to add some of the best security options on your site. But remember, updating everything and staying away from potential attackers is a priority. Software creators always update their software against a variety of attacks, so it’s always important to keep everything up to date.
Use complex passwords for your website Let’s face it, most website owners will either keep the default passwords, or they will use some simple passwords. Either way that will not be a good idea for you. Instead, you want to focus on results more than anything else, and you nee…