Cloud GeoIP Service

What is GeoIP ?
The GeoIP technology allows the web masters to get valuable information about the location of their visitors. The web site developers use it for delivering of customized content based on the geographical location, targeted advertisements, web logs and statistics, spam prevention, location restricted access and other useful solutions.

What We Offer ?
We offer free GeoIP service to our clients in the cloud, we use Maxmind® premium service to offer such service. Our GeoIP database update weekly. If you are our clients, you can use this service in your web application easily.

How to Implant ?
For both Web Hosting & Remote Protection services we send CP-Country-Code header with all requests which include ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format country code of visitor IP address. To get this code just fetch $_SERVER['HTTP_CP_COUNTRY_CODE'] from request header in your script. This is example PHP code to find how to implant it:

$ip = $_SERVER['HTTP_X_Real_IP'];
echo "User IP: $ip";
echo <br>;
echo "User Country: $country";

The result is:

User IP:
User Country: GB