Shared Hosting Ultimate Security by CloudLinux

CloudLinux is one of the commercially supported OS optimized for hosting service suppliers who manage an important level of shared hosting IDs and for data hubs who sell services to SMB customers and enterprise. Using technology that provides increased server stability and top density, CloudLinux provides advanced resource management; amazing security and performance optimization specifically focus to a multi-tenant hosting atmosphere.

Since 2009 over one thousand hosting firms deployed CloudLinux OS, it reached profitability of a more than 11,000 servers globally and this number keep rising every day. CloudLinux has over thirty employees in the Europe and USA, and is headquarter in New Jersey.

CloudLinux Features

Increased Server Efficiency:
By watching and containing resource spikes, CloudLinux get rid of the need to exit server resources idle, offering you with the capability to host lots of account on your WHM server and cPanel.

Advanced Security:
With special CageFS technology, CloudLinux summarizes each customer, stopping users from seeing each other and viewing important detail. It also stops a big number of attacks, including information discourse and privilege escalation attacks.

Improved Stability:
In sharing hosting, the most general factor for downtime in a one ID slowing down other IDs on the server. Using WHM & cPanel program with CloudLinux utilizes creative lightweight virtual environment technology, improving the stability and density of your shared hosting atmosphere for all tenants.

Hardened Kernel:
The CloudLinux Kernel saves against symlink hits and trace exploits, while limiting the visibility of ProcFS to just what is very important, which makes your WHM & cPanel servers more safe.

Multiple PHP Versions:
Using CloudLinux combine with WHM & cPanel program provides your customers with the capability to pick the PHP version that they need

CloudLinux is compatible with CentOS and SysAdmin will feel right at house. Yes, it was exclusively optimized for shared web hosting. Website hosts that uses CloudLinux report top uptime, important improvement in density 10x decrease in number of account suspension, and 4x decrease in number of reboots they have to perform. It has also produced an important decrease in churn for a number of customers.

The program specifically made for website hosts running cPanel with different accounts. If you are a shared host, or design company that has to host websites on behalf of the client – CloudLinux is your best friend.