Amazing Web Hosting Control Panel

Since 1997, cPanel Inc has been providing the website hosting industry most intuitive, reliable control panel. The robust automation program helps business thrive and permits them to target on more vital things. Partners and customers get first-class support and a top spec set, making WHM & cPanel the hosting platform of choice.

The cPanel provides, a graphical website based control panel for site owners that permit to manage site and hosting accounts. It also offers WebHost Manager, which gives hosting providers with a graphical interface to handle every account on a server, as well as to configure services and deployment plans, and control FTP and DNS configuration, security and accounts settings. The firm serves hosting providers, website owners, system administrators, data centers and developers.

The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Huston with hardware facilities in Texas and Pennsylvania, and servers in California and New York.

The cPanel website hosting permits its users to simply perform many tasks, such as managing domains, creating nad managing MySQL databases, redirecting URLs, managing website mail accounts, editing DNS zones, managing files on the site, managing web mail accounts, creating unique website pages like the error-page, handling passwords, using password-protecting files, FTP, IP management, getting vital web statistics, managing Cron Jobs, backing up websites and so on.

Mechanically installing the site scripts like e-commerce applications, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, installing forum like phpBB, handling the mailing lists and other jobs are simply performed using Fantastico tools that added with the cPanel website hosting packages. Needless to say, maintaining and creating blogs has become very simple, and so has managing and creating mailing list and using auto responder to effortlessly handle your contact list. All the necessary applications and tools to manage your full website are placed in one place under the cPanel control panel. The cPanel also make sure security of your website. All these expert standard web specs are accessible at very cheap price with the cPanel website hosting package.

The WHM and cPanel package can adapt to almost any hosting atmosphere. With support for ten different operating system, you are sure to be capable in a relax atmosphere. With options like packages and branding, you can make hosting plans for your customers that present your company logos and provide your customers with the value included specs they expect.

The management and administration of the websites based on cPanel are the simplest compared to all the big website hosting solutions. Hence, it is also considered as globe finest website hosting solutions.