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DDoS Effect On Web Hosting Providers

For almost any web hosting, the effects of distributed denial of service (DDoS) can be described as the number one threat when it comes to cyber-attacks. DDoS attacks go way beyond a simple web hosting issue, as they can also be considered as a data security problem.

Web hosting makes a lot of room for large attacks, and this makes them such an attractive target for a lot of DDoS hackers. For many hosting providers, such attacks can occur on a daily basis, even when they are not typically volumetric enough to pull down an entire network.

So, in this article, we will take a look at how DDoS affects web hosting providers.

Damage To The Client Business

The first people to suffer from DDoS as far as web-hosting providers are concerned are the clients. Web hosting providers are there for one main purpose, which is to offer their services to their clients. Thus, if a web hosting provider is affected by DDoS, the websites of their customers will go down, and they will not be able to conduct sim…

DDoS Attack Prevention and Mitigation

Talk about a DDoS attack, and we'll tell you that it's the worst form of cybercrime that may hit you. It mostly involves the attacker using a network of compromised computers (called a botnet) to send superfluous requests to the target server. Consequently, the server fails to respond to the regular traffic, a happening that translates to a failed network system.

Top Examples of DDoS Attacks

On the 21st of October 2016, tens of millions of IP addresses were used by attackers to invade DYN servers (a DNS service provider). Attackers sent quite a several DNS requests from the addresses, which overwhelmed DYN's server, causing a denial of service to millions of users across America and Europe.

Another major attack in history was the one that hit GitHub in 2015. Experts attributed it to politics. The strike lasted days, and experts say it came from China, with most people suspecting that the Chinese government had a hand. It was a sophisticated attack that adapted to defense mech…